Sun Protection Everywhere.

Introducing the BrightGuard touch-free sunscreen dispenser. Make living, playing and working outdoors healthier.

Make sunscreen more accessible.
Reduce the risks of sun exposure.
Create healthier communities.

Meet BrightGuard

Simple, Clean & Safe.

Intuitive sunscreen dispensers and quality sunscreen for all.

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Easy to install.

Set up your sunscreen dispensers in minutes. With two simple mounting options, BrightGuard works anywhere you want it.

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Touch-free experience.

Dirty hands contaminate traditional pumps. BrightGuard touch-free dispensers are more sanitary and convenient.

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Trusted Sunscreen.

Safe for your skin and perfect for all ages, our sunscreen blends help reduce the damage of sun exposure without known harmful chemicals.

A Trusted Partner.

BrightGuard is ideal for any outdoor venue, municipality, university or workplace. Our mission is to significantly reduce skin cancer and sun damage by supplying effective sunscreen solutions for free where people need it most.


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